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Sosta Café In The News

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Sosta Café
Review on Yelp, 4/23/2012, "Called in for Riveria lunch to-go; order was ready when they said it would be and as I walked in the door."
Review on Yelp, 12/10/2011, "Worth going out of your way for - but its right here, in the center of Raleigh. Recommended favorites: The Guido (roast beef and gorgonzola) and the Piggy (vegan barbecue)."

Review on UrbanSpoon, 3/21/2012, "Don't know how Sosta does it - for the same price you'd pay for lunch anywhere downtown, they serve a truly superior product - fresh bagettes, imported cheeses and coffee so good it'll make your whole day better. Like going to the Riviera for your lunch break!"

Listing at Eat Well Guide - the search engine for Farms, Markets and Restaurants catering local, sustainable and organic foods.

We are also listed in the Veg Triangle restaurant list an up to date directory of local Triangle restaurants with a vegan selections maintained by a group of local volunteers.

Sosta Café choosen as one of Raleigh's best Coffee shops.

The Raleigh Downtowner Magazine (Volume 7, Issue 7, July 2011) features a great Sosta Café article. If the interactive reader (when you click the link) doesn't work for you, take a look at the text only version of Sosta Café in the Raleigh Downtowner Magazine .

Interview at Raleigh DLA with Jerome Lauck, Owner of Sosta Café (7/27/2011) : You’ll love the perfect simplicity of truly fresh ingredients, as well as the artful atmosphere !

Review on Urban Spoon, 6/30/2011, "I eat lunch out everyday at work. We ordered from here today and it was the best food I have had in a long time. I NEVER take the time to write reviews so the fact I am should tell you something :-)"

yelp Review on Yelp, 2/13/2011, "Just what I'm looking for in a cafe - great coffee, great food, pleasant urban atmosphere, all for a decent price".

Review on Yelp, 11/26/2010, Sosta Cafe’s fresh, seasonal offerings of healthy Mediterranean flavors all for under $10 is the closest thing to an Italian “Bar” I’ve ever found in the States. A place to drop in, grab a coffee, a quick bite, and catch up with the owners before heading back to the grind. Between the high-quality grub, fresh brewed coffee, comfy atmosphere, low cost, and friendly staff it’s no wonder Sosta has remained a downtown staple while other restaurants come and go.

Review on New Raleigh, 5/9/2010, The curried chicken salad is so tasty and I love their healthy side dishes (usually a navy bean salad or chickpea salad). If you're looking for something healthy and not deep fried, plus a nice casual atmosphere, you have to try Sosta!

One of the favorites of Queen of The Pavement - read her blog... 10/24/2010, I spend day one showing Aaron all of my favorite hangouts in Raleigh, including Raleigh Times, Morning Times, Helios, Foundation, Busy Bee, Sosta, etc. I quickly realize my enjoyment of Raleigh revolves completely around food and drink.

Listing and maximum rating at Raleigh Alfresco

Reviews on - The Compassionate Easting Guide:
On 2/5/2010... "Sosta is my favorite European cafe in town with local art on display and tasty choices for vegans and vegetarians including fresh salads, snacks and lattes." Read more here
On 2/4/2010... "Sosta is a great lunch spot in downtown Raleigh. They have really good vegan chicken salad and a vegan bbq sandwich too. " Read more here

Listing on Palate New Raleigh, November 2009,

Review on myNC, 4/15/2009, ...I was in dire need of finding a small, cozy venue for a baby shower... They worked with us to plan food, date/time, expectations, etc and maintained consistent contact to ensure everything fell into place as planned. I highly recommend checking out Sosta, even if going for lunch or if you have an event coming up.

Tech Culture in Downtown Raleigh, 3/17/2009, Sosta is a great early morning and lunch spot. They have a comfortable atmosphere that will let you focus on what you need to get done.

Review on, 3/6/2009, Sosta Cafe is awesome! It has a great, relaxing ambience (eclectic music and great artwork) and friendly service. The food is delicious and is made with fresh, high quality ingredients! (prices are very reasonable) Great menu variety and good selection of vegetarian and vegan options-which is hard to find! Best on Earth!

Review on Merchant Circle, 3/6/2009, This place is really cool and satisfies Raleigh's need for a good urban-chic cafe downtown. Sosta is a welcome change from greasy lunch fairs nearby and it's a fun place to meet, eat and work (wireless internet).

Reviews on, 1/15/2009, Tasty and creative dishes , not too expensive ( the same or a tiny bit more than you ' d pay at Carolina Cafe ) and good vegetarian options.

Pictures of Sosta Cafe on Flickr, 12/31/2008,

Listing and reviews on Triangle 411, 12/12/2008, This is the most authentic European cafe experience I've had in the U.S. (read: over-pulled shots, lots of dishes, pastries served with forks, and cylindrical sugar packets).

Listing and reviews on Yelp, 7/27/2008, This place is a little gem in downtown Raleigh. The lunch menu ranges form vegan fair to a roast beef sandwich with caramelized onions. As with most coffee shops, they offer wireless internet making it a fun place to meet, eat, chat and work.

Full listing, reviews and message boards on Chow.Com, 6/4/2008, Next to Fins is Sosta Cafe--a good spot for lunch salads and sandwiches and coffee.

Listing on, 5/1/2008

Listing on, 4/1/2008

Listing and collection of reviews on Local.Com, 1/1/2008, Food And Dining, Restaurants, Coffee And Tea Shops.

Listing on, 12/15/2007

Listing on, 12/1/2007

Shout Out on Vegan @, 10/27/2007, she says: take a look at It is a few doors down from Wild Ginger Sushi in downtown Raleigh. I just found out about it myself but the menu has some good vegan options!

Have A Holly Raleigh Christmas, 11/01/2007 Sosta Café is proud to be one of the distributors of this fine CD. Check the link for more information, or come and visit us !

Restaurant Review, 9/18/2007 : If you are Vegetarian or Vegan, I have a new place for you to try. Sosta Cafe is a relatively new coffee/sandwich shop downtown in Progress Plaza. Sosta is set up as a hip, trendy coffee shop that serves a few panini, sandwiches and salads.

News & Observer - Greg's Hot List: Not the same old sandwiches, 8/1/2007 sandwich: Guido (roast beef, gorgonzola, caramelized onions and arugula on ciabatta).

News & Observer - Perfect for a Picnic, 6/11/2007 Jerome Lauck, owner of Sosta Cafe (130 E. Davie St.; 833-1006; in downtown Raleigh, recently shared the recipes for Couscous Salad and Chocolate Chunk Brownies. He comes through once again with the secrets of the popular Curried Chicken Salad.

DowntownRaleighRambler - I'll Have The Poulet Please, 4/3/2007 Sosta is a cool coffee shop in the morning and their lunch menu is unique for this area. Don't get me wrong, I love a good dive as much as the next person, but sometimes you want something healthy and fast. And so I go to Sosta. A lot.

Progress Energy dinner venue listing, 12/1/2006

The Teastick - Gamila Store Listing, 12/15/2006

Tar Heel Traveler - Best Cup of Coffee, 10/24/2006 Sosta Cafe in the new Progress Energy building has the best house blend in town. Illy beans are the secret. . .

North Carolina Tearooms at TeaGuide The Original Online Tea Room Directory, 10/1/2006 Coffeehouse serving good tea. Located in the city downtown. A good cuppa any time. Loose leaf teas prepared in a teacup. Vegetarian menu choices. Take-out available.

The Raleigh-Durham Vegan Meetup Group - Recommended restaurants in Raleigh, 8/3/2006

Downtown Restaurants Seek Simpler Rules For Outdoor Dining, 9/20/2006 The Sosta Café got in trouble for having flower boxes made of treated lumber. Under the current rules, city inspectors would rather have barriers to define a dining area. Downtown supporters said it's time the city loosened up.

Sidewalk rules brew gripes; Cafe owners have a latte say to city, 9/20/2006 Take Jerome Lauck, who placed three wooden planters around his outdoor Sosta Cafe on Davie Street, only to get a citation for using pressure-treated wood. The city's alternative: the post-and-retractable tape barriers you find at the airport.

SPARK CON venues listing, 9/1/2006

Visit Raleigh listing, 6/30/2006

Go Downtown Raleigh listing, 6/30/2006

New full review on Chowhound's South Forum, 5/26/2006 I just had lunch at Sosta Cafe, a small newish place on Davie St. near Wilmington, and it was so perfect I had to share! (... read more by clicking here ...) Wait - I just realized - now you will all want to go there for lunch and then it will be crowded and not relaxing anymore! Oh well. Better crowded than closed.

Raleigh Now listing, 4/15/2006

News and Observer Review, 4/12/2006 Meanwhile inside the Beltline, French native Jerome Lauck and Luciano Peddis, from Sardinia, have teamed up to open Sosta Cafe (833-1006, in the Progress Energy Building at 130 E. Davis St. Reflecting the heritage of its owners, Sosta Cafe is a European style cafe serving panini and house-baked pastries.

Chowhound's South Forum, 3/30/2006 A new place in downtown Raleigh on Davie Street called Sosta Cafe has a very good vegan barbeque sandwich and a vegan chicken salad sandwich.

Visit Raleigh listing, 3/13/2006

Urban Planet Reviews, 3/3/2006 (and later) My wife went to Sosta yesterday and really enjoyed it - bring cash though because they don't take credit right now (although did extend her $5.38 iou because she didn't have enough cash with her).

EG Forums Reviews Reviews, 3/23/2006 (and later) Sosta cafe - downtown Raleigh, finally good sandwich downtown! Lunch Review, 3/15/2006 I had the opportunity to eat lunch today at the new Sosta Café in the bottom floor of the Progress Energy building downtown. I'll just cut right to it, especially for those of you who struggle to get to the bottom of our posts: it was fantastic.

The decor inside is simple and clean, but very warm due to the earth tones of the wall and the dark ceiling. Definitely a nice place to sit and have a cup of coffee or lunch. Attractive artwork from artist Bernard Calvet covers the wall, most of which is the exteriors of cafes or restaurants.

So, all you folks who work downtown, get over to this restaurant and give it a try. Definitely on my repeat list from now on., 2/24/2006 La Joy Coffee has come under new ownership and will reopen next week as Sosta Cafe. While they will be keeping the coffee shop side, they plan on increasing the lunch menu offerings with soup, salads, sandwiches, pastries, homemade chocolate truffle, and lots of chocolate drinks. They say that their prices will be in line with the big chains but rather than chips or pretzels, they will offer vegan and vegetarian dishes along a more traditional fare with a choice of healthy side dishes. Should be a welcome addition for the folks who work downtown.

News and Observer, 2/11/2006 In the Progress Energy building at Wilmington and Davie streets in Raleigh, Fins signed a lease for a restaurant that will open in late 2006 or early 2007. In the same building, the former La Joy Coffee and Tea House is under new ownership. It closed last month for a 30- to 45-day renovation and will reopen as the Sosta Cafe, with homemade pastries, sandwiches, soups, coffee and tea.

How to visit us at Sosta Café in downtown Raleigh, NC
Illy Coffee Expresso Shop Raleigh

Reach Sosta Café by dialing (919) 833 1006, or visit us at 130 E. Davie Street, Raleigh NC-27601

Sosta Café is open every Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM with lunch being served from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM. Sosta Café is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and all major holidays (Read more here).

Sosta Café is an international coffee bar, serving breakfast, lunch and pastries in a trendy decor with world music. Enjoy our hearty sandwiches and refreshing salads.

You can book and reserve Sosta Café for your private parties ! Our downtown location is perfect to host your kid's birthday party, a small corporate event or your next social get together. We can take care of the beverages, the catering, and any other desire you have. We can serve special desserts, or just lunch. Think about us when you are planning your next event ! Click here for more details on hosting your event at Sosta Café

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